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Sustainability is
an essential value
inside and outside
the company.

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D&M believes sustainability to be an essential value inside and outside the company. Being sustainable means to respect people and the environment to grant a clean and safe future to younger generations, increasingly high quality of life through technology innovations and to gain a global competitive advantage.


Safeguarding and protecting the environment for future generations constitutes a central part of our vision for growth and for business.

As such, D&M is strongly oriented to enforce quality management systems and environmental certifications in its manufacturing subsidiaries.
Today the largest part of the D&M Group production is made under a strongly controlled Environmental Management System that includes practices fully compliant with ISO 14001 Standards.

D&M demonstrates every day its environmental commitment transferring its values to its employees with dedicated training activities and involving them proactively in implementing and improving the Environmental Management System.
We strongly encourage our employees to evaluate the impact of their working activities on the environment and to cooperate with us in reduction, recycling or reuse of the generated waste, limiting it to that which is strictly necessary for productivity.

As part of our efforts we share our environmental values, working together with customers and preferring suppliers which effectively adopt environmental management systems.

Continuous improvement of initial environmental performance.
In the spirit of continuous improvement, D&M defines and occasionally reviews the environmental objectives and targets, consistent with the policies formulated: this represents D&M’s contribution to future generations.


Helping communities is, for D&M, a respected promise. Each of our companies is strongly linked to the territory in which it operates and receives so much from it.

In the effort to give back what it receives, D&M allocates 5% of its annual net profit to promote a wide variety of projects: educational and cultural activities, social interventions, initiatives for the disadvantaged or those in need as well as help for populations struck by natural disasters.

All of D&M interventions are realized in accordance with our Community Investments Guidelines.