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Your work may lead you to discover new opportunities, enabling you to gain know-how and skills that will enrich you at both the human and professional level. Group companies also offer a variety of international opportunities. Following is a description of the professional areas where opportunities may exist.

Sales and Marketing

Guarantees the analysis, identification and interpretation of expressed/unexpressed market needs with an end toward defining a portfolio of products/services coherent with company strategies. It also promotes brand/trademark/sector and product/service image in the different markets through the definition of an appropriate mix of marketing mechanisms (product, price, promotion, placement) and oversees the sales and development processes.


Defines the qualitative characteristics of products/services interpreting market requests, comparing itself to competitors, and ensuring, through the definition and execution of trials and tests, that established standards are maintained.


Guarantees optimal acquisition of primary and secondary goods and services, selecting and building the supplier base, managing supplier relations and monitoring opportunities offered by the markets and best cost countries.

Product Development

Oversees the entire product cycle, from basic and applied research, to design, engineering of parts, defining style, system integration, and the test phase & prototypes.


Oversees the production process coordinating plant activities and ensuring the continual innovation of means and tools of production defining plans and programs and guaranteeing their functioning through installation, set-up and maintenance.

Logistics and Supply Chain

Ensures an equilibrium between demand and industrial capacity by preparing the industrial production plan, guaranteeing optimal logistical flow of supply, distribution of goods/components/products respecting objectives and established time-lines.


Guarantees the protection of the Company, and its brands and products, coordinating the preparation and management of contracts, supervising the processes for the presentation of industrial patents, advising controlled companies, overseeing the real estate cycle and managing administrative, civil and criminal cases.

Internal Audit

Coordinates the auditing processes overseeing the activities implemented to guarantee respect of company procedures in their formulation, and collaborating with external auditors to guarantee compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Human Resources

Guarantees the availability and enhancement of people, coordinating and overseeing the entire life cycle in the company from selection to training, development, compensation, retention and retirement. It oversees the processes and procedures of internal communication, diffusing the company’s values and culture, designs, optimizes and implements the organizational structure and the fundamental processes and procedures for running the company.

Information and Communication Technology

Assists the firm by defining practical requirements, identifying the best applied and architectural solutions, and designing, carrying out and overseeing their implementation.

Business Management

Includes jobs/roles that have responsibilities in planning unites management, with functions traceable to various job family and/or with responsibilities of P&L and Business Development roles.

After Sales

Provides post-sales assistance such as customer care, technical support (repairs) for the customer.

Accounting Finance and Control

Supports business management by overseeing planning and control processes and managing accounting activities of the Company, including the preparation of financial statements and relevant accounting situations, tax compliance, preparation, management and optimization of financial resources and assets. Also supports corporate finance transactions such as mergers & acquisitions and relevant post-acquisition activities relying on risk evaluation and management structures.