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D&M Group is an international company which intend to play a significant role in the development and welfare of the communities where it operates.

D&M Group’s community investment activities reflect its commitment to promote social and economic development both at the local and global level, integrating the company and enhancing its reputation in the social fabric of the communities in which it operates.

Community investment activities include the following:

  • long-term initiatives, aimed to address relevant social and environmental issues;
  • temporary/non continuative initiatives, aimed to support a wide range of causes in response to the needs and appeals of NGOs, charitable and community organizations and also individuals that share D&M Group values and objectives;
  • commercial initiatives made in partnership with charities and community-based organizations, aimed to support and promote the company image and reputation.

Initiatives in favor of the community can be implemented by different means (cash contribution or “in kind” giving) and with different scopes (local or global).These initiatives’ aim is to contribute to the sustainable development of the communities surrounding the Group’s plants, improving quality of life and/or creating employment opportunities both during the period of the initiative and also in the longer term when the initiative is concluded.

In particular, community development is supported through initiatives in the following areas:

  • environment
  • health care /scientific research
  • education
  • social
  • cultural
  • support in the case of natural disasters
  • highly significant events of national relevance

Every activity is managed at plant/sector/brand level and, for initiatives that are financially significant, approved and supervised at corporate level.

These “D&M Group Community Investment Guidelines” set the framework – both at corporate and at site level – for the development and implementation of community initiatives, in order to build a coherent and consistent approach for the Group worldwide.


In identifying and implementing community investment activities, D&M Group firmly respects the following principles:

    initiatives must be defined with the effective involvement of relevant stakeholders (local community, NGOs, others);

  • clear and defined objectives, in accordance with real needs, must be identified in response to stakeholders’ expectations;
  • donations may not be linked, even indirectly, to the personal interests of individuals holding a public office;
  • in selecting charity or sponsorship opportunities, employees are required to verify whether any conflicts of interest with the spirit of the charity or image promotion exist and must immediately inform their supervisor of such conflicts;
  • partners’ qualifications and record of achievement must be requested, reviewed, and deemed acceptable;
  • initiatives must be based on mutual trust and transparency;
  • every activity must be relevant and coherent with the company’s image and reputation o programs must be integrated with the work of other organizations or public agencies in order to avoid duplication and/or overlapping;
  • evidence of effective financial planning and control on the initiative’s development and measurability of expected results must be guaranteed;
  • clear targets, measurement tools, and reporting must be defined for initiatives that are expected to deliver long-term results;
  • feed-back from involved stakeholders should be encouraged.

D&M Group does not support:

  • political organizations or campaigns. Contributions to political parties, committees, public organizations or political candidates are allowed, provided they are made in accordance with local law;
  • religious organizations or campaigns. Contributions to initiatives organized or funded by religious entities my be discretionally allowed by a resolution of the Board of Directors.
  • activities that are illegal, hazardous or dangerous;
  • activities that are in conflict with our corporate values.

As the Group receives far more requests than it can support, certain programs may not receive D&M Group direct support simply because of budgetary constraints or because other programs better correspond to these guidelines. Management reserves the right to select, in its sole discretion, which initiatives (if any) the Group will support and in what manner.

Communication of initiatives

D&M Group gives evidence of the main initiatives through public press releases or corporate/brand website in order to transparently communicate its commitment.

Defining communication activities on a case-by-case basis, D&M Group carries out:

  • internal communication activities with the aim of enhancing corporate pride and sense of belonging to the company: sections on intranet website and on corporate magazines;
  • external communication activities with the aim of giving more relevance to the event: sections on corporate/brand website and press releases distributed to local, national and international media;
  • an annual report about community initiatives in the Sustainability Report according to international standards.