Efficiency. Energy. Power.2018-10-15T02:48:22+00:00

These concepts
are the core values
that guide our way
of doing business.

Efficiency. Energy. Power.

We are strongly committed to help innovative companies with innovative ideas to reach the market.

Efficiency is
how we realize our goals...

we apply the right efforts
to get maximum results

Energy is
what we offer...

we are the impulse
that lights up ideas

Power is
our approach to business...

we are the right partner
to hit the market

We apply the same three concepts in our everyday activity to sustain and finance research and development. Our team of engineers apply these core values in research and product development to turn ideas into tangible, working results.
D&M is dedicated to making this transformation faster, easier and more successful.

D&M sums up an entrepreneurial story based on more than thirty years of experience of its team to make long-term investments on startups and innovating companies in diversified sectors.

Since 1985, we have worked side-by-side with engineers in a wide range of industries to solve complex challenges.
Now we are transferring our best know-how to let our companies realize their projects.